Research , Consultancy and Extension

All faculty members are actively involved in research. They are guiding research in their respective disciplines. Besides this, teachers are publishing their articles / research papers in reputed national and international journals. Many faculty members of the University are working on research projects. There are more than one thousand full time research scholars registered for Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Work and a few of them are getting fellowships and scholarships.

There are 81 ongoing Research Projects with an outlay of Rs. 8 Crores. More than 2700 Research Papers and more than 250 Books have been published in the last five years. International linkages and collaborative programs with research institutes and Universities from countries such as USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Finland and France. Academic links and collaborations at National level exist with research support by several agencies such as UGC, DST, DAE, DRDO, ICSSR, CSIR, ICHR, ICAR and ICMR. University Teachers have served as Hony. Editors of several journals of high standing. A few University PG departments publish journals of their own on a regular basis.