Refresher Course

S.No.Programme NameStart DateEnd Date
1Refresher Course for Teacher Educators (Education)30-05-201618-06-2016
2Refresher Course in Convergence of Sciences (Inter disciplinary for Sciences))18-07-201606-08-2016
3Refresher Course in Research Methodology in Arts and Social Sciences (Inter disciplinary for Arts & Social Sciences)08-08-201627-08-2016
4Refresher Course in Micro-biology & Biotechnology (Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Biotechnology)29-08-201617-09-2016
5Refresher Course in Computational Mathematics & Statistics (Mathematics, Statistics)07-11-201626-11-2016
6Refresher Course in Rajasthan Studies and Culture (Multi disciplinary)28-11-201617-12-2016
7Refresher Course in Chemical Sciences (Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Bio Molecular Sciences)23-01-201711-02-2017
8Refresher Course in Human Rights and Women Studies (Multi disciplinary)13-02-201704-03-2017
9Refresher Course in Laws & Human Rights (Multi Disciplinary)04-09-201723-09-2017
10Refresher Course in Computational Mathematics & Statistics (Mathematics & Statistics)04-09-201723-09-2017
11Refresher Course in Chemical & Pharmaceutics Science (Chemistry, Pharmaceutics Science, Bio Chemistry, Bio Molecular Science)04-09-201723-09-2017
12Refresher Course in Life Science (Inter Disciplinary for Science)27-11-201716-12-2017
13Refresher Course in Earth Science (Inter Disciplinary for Geography, Geology & Environmental Science)27-11-201716-12-2017
14Refresher Course in Commerce (Bus. Adm., EAFM, ABST)15-01-201803-02-2018
15Refresher Course for Teacher Educators (Education, Psychology)05-03-201824-03-2018
16Refresher Course in International Relations (Multi Disciplinary)28-05-201816-06-2018
17Refresher Course in Teacher Education25-06-201814-07-2018
18Summer School Social Science (Attaining sustainable Development Goals in India: Challenges and Prospects) (Sociology, Economics, Pub. admn., Political Sc., Anthropology)23-07-201811-08-2018
19Refresher Course in Climate Change and Environmental Studies (Inter Disciplinary for Science and Environmental Science) 08-10-201827-10-2018
20Refresher Course in Law12-11-201801-12-2018
21Refresher Course in Economics03-12-201822-12-2018
22Refresher Course in Gender Studies (Multi Disciplinary)31-12-201819-01-2019
23Refresher Course in Research Methodology in Social Science and Humanities (Inter Disciplinary)28-01-201916-02-2019
24Refresher Course in Political Science11-03-201930-03-2019
25Refresher Course in Teacher Educator (Education, Psychology)29-07-201910-08-2019
26Refresher Course in Advancements in Science & Technology (Inter Disciplinary)29-07-201910-08-2019
27Refresher Course in Comparative Literature and Culture Studies23-09-201905-10-2019
28Refresher Course in Social Sciences30-09-201912-10-2019
29Refresher Course in Higher Education: Issues & Challenges (Multi Disciplinary)18-11-201930-11-2019
30Refresher Course in Gender Studies (Multi Disciplinary)16-12-201928-12-2019
31Winter School16-12-201928-12-2019
32Refresher Course in Life Sciences (Inter Disciplinary)24-02-202007-03-2020
33Refresher Course in Recent Trends in Commerce & Management16-03-202028-03-2020
34Refresher Course in Library & Information Sciences 24-08-202005-09-2020
35Refresher Course in Globalization and Emerging Socio Economics Challenges [Multi Disciplinary] 05-10-202017-10-2020
36Refresher Course in Research Methodology in Social Sciences and Humanities31-10-202012-11-2020
37Winter School: Quantitative Biology28-12-202009-01-2021
38Refresher Course in Environment and Sustainable Development [Multi Disciplinary] 11-01-202123-01-2021
39Refresher Course in Teacher Education: Learning outcomes and educational reform- Pedagogy, Assessment and Quality Assurance01-02-202113-02-2021
40Refresher Course in Sciences: Organic Electronics [Inter Disciplinary] 15-02-202127-02-2021
41Refresher Course in Visual & Performing Arts22-02-202106-03-2021
42Indian Philosophy and Humanity 23-08-202104-09-2021
43Human Rights Jurisprudence in India (Interdisciplinary) 02-09-202115-09-2021
44Gender, Media and Social Transformation (Interdisciplinary) 17-09-202130-09-2021
45Indian Economy in Post Pandemic Era: Policies and Reforms18-10-202130-10-2021
46Educational Policies & Reforms: New Perspectives (Multidisciplinary) 15-11-202127-11-2021
47Shifting Paradigms in Sanskrit Teaching and Learning 29-11-202111-12-2021
48Linguistics Teaching in the Era of ICT: Issues and Challenges 10-01-202222-01-2022
49Statistical Computing in Social Sciences (Multidisciplinary) 24-01-202205-02-2022
50Law and Political Science11-07-202223-07-2022
51Towards Linguistic Diversity 25-07-202206-08-2022
52Gender Studies01-08-202213-08-2022
53Research Methodology in Social Sciences31-10-202212-11-2022
54Research Methodology in Basic Sciences07-11-202219-11-2022
55Statistical Methods in Data Analysis and Research 14-11-202226-11-2022
56Economics, Commerce and Management05-12-202217-12-2022